Success Stories

“Dana knows how to balance the needs of a model and being healthy. She’s a gift to models struggling with what to eat.” Anne-Marie van Dijk, Top Model and Founder of Cleanse NYC


“Dana James is our go to nutritionist and wellness expert. As a practice specializing in anti-aging, we value Dana’s approach to diet as part of a lifestyle rather than a sprint. Her scientific and educational approach to food is not a fad, but a real understanding of how diet affects the body, mind, and spirit. Dana is such a positive role model and a beautiful spirit with a realistic approach to living the best version of yourself; She never tires of sharing her knowledge and passion for life.”

Paul Jarrod Frank , MD PC, Fifth Avenue Dermatology Surgery and Laser Center

Dana is a master at helping women understand how to eat for health, beauty, and happiness. In addition to offering practical nutritional advice, Dana helps people uncover the emotional hurdles that prevent them from eating right. She gets women, how they think, and especially how they think about food.

Colleen Wachob, MindBodyGreen.com

“I spent 15 years trying to wrestle my crohns colitis autoimmune disease into submission. The associated pain was unbearable. I traveled the globe looking for answers to no avail. Then I found Dana James. Her approach and diet finally helped me to conquer it. The pain was gone and I got my life back.”

Dan Algamor

“I am maintaining between 107-108!!! And I pretty much eat whatever I want! The most incredible thing is that I haven’t had bread or pasta because I don’t want them. I can’t believe this is me! If you’d told me this plan would’ve changed me so dramatically I wouldn’t have believed you. Thank you, my savior and hero!”

Sheri Bechtal

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for sticking by me and supporting me through one of the hardest obstacles I have experienced since sobriety! You have been so instrumental in my life and have taught me and continue to teach me so much. You are a great example to women!!!"

Michelle Lopez

“After a sad and frustrating lifetime of my body’s working against me, you have taught me how to make my body work for me, and, in doing so, not only gave me my life back but also made that life beyond my wildest dreams.”

Kyle Blood

“Dana is my nutrition spirit guide. Working with her is nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. She’s helped me feel confident in my skin so that I can dream bigger, live sexier, and relish each experience that comes my way.”

Melanie Smith

“When I met Dana I was an over-exercising, restrictive eater with a tendency to binge. Within a few short months Dana gracefully transformed my old habits into daily rituals which now involve nourishing my body with real, beautiful food. Dana’s coaching style is gentle, highly intuitive, and extremely healing. I am so grateful for her, she can set you free!"

Amy Carolan
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“Dana has a gift for guiding you towards finding and developing your own inner healer. With her guidance, I continue to have greater access to my true self and to live aligned with that authenticity.”

Sarah Meehan

“Helping with weight loss was only a piece of what you have done for me. Emotional support, exercise direction, and encouraging me to be more courageous in life, have changed the way I feel everyday! I can not thank you enough.”

Kari Robbins

“I am loving everything about this! I really feel like I am taking care of my mind and body for the first time in a very long time, or possibly the first time ever.”

Amy Lorbati

“Dana James changed my life. I’ve lost 30 pounds to date, I’ve found abundance, learned how to eat mindfully, and, more importantly, I view food as nourishment rather than the enemy.”

Felicia Sullivan

“Dana is an important inspiration, an incredibly knowledgable nutritionist, and a real woman. She taught me how to read my symptoms and what their triggers were. I gave up some foods, some habits, some thoughts and introduced new nourishing foods and ideas. I also learned that I was not alone in this road...like me, many women are wanting to take better care of themselves but don’t know how to consistently do it. Everyone has much to learn from her.”

Esmeralda Quezada

“Dana has not only helped me change my body but has helped me to live the life I want to be living. So far I have lost 40 pounds and live everyday with gratitude and have a much healthier relationship with food and myself. I look forward to every session with Dana. I would not be where I am today if it was not for her. She has truly inspired me.”

Alisa Flaum

“At 51 years old, I was peri-menopausal, stressed, depressed and not in control of my life. Dana’s program positively affected my mind, body and spirit. After 3 days I felt like I was 30 again. My weight was decreasing daily and I had amazing energy without the use of coffee and chocolate. I had a sense of calmness and balance that I though was gone forever.”

Inna Kensington

“When I met Dana I was 210 pounds, I could barely get up in the morning and I was moody and irritable. Dana identified that I was sensitive to wheat, dairy, eggs and peppers. Within 2 weeks I had dropped 15 pounds, I had the same energy I had in my early twenties and my moodiness had almost disappeared. Six months on, I have lost 70 pounds and feel amazing. I had no idea I could feel and look this good. Thank you Dana for giving me a life that I thought eluded me.”

Alison Beaty

“Is it normal for your patients to tell you that they love you? I don’t care if it’s not! Thank you Dana for everything! I do love you and appreciate all of the ways you’ve helped me, food related and not!”

Jen Slovin

Dana has given me the tools to liberate myself from this vicious and self-deprecating cycle, and in doing so, has helped me find peace, grace and presence, in all of my endeavors. While I no longer see Dana for regular sessions, the mark she has left on me is indelible, and I take her with me wherever I go. She has seen me through loss, love, marathons, promotions, and everything in between, and has helped me to awake a side of myself that I never knew existed - a side that could navigate it all with calmness, conviction, and elegance.

Ali Blanksteen

Seeing Dana is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. With her help, I have completely transformed the way I think about food and diet, and she has given me a new perspective on life. She is smart, kind and inspiring. Her energy is contagious and she will be your biggest supporter!

Jill Farquharson