Bring me to Speak

"She magnetizes the room."

“We need experts and soul stirrers, and if you want that in one person, it would be Dana James”

Lisa Merkle, Event and Lifestyle Design Producer

“She magnetizes the room. Everyone is left hanging on to her word”

Christine Young, Mind Body School Summit Producer

“Dana’s knowledge is not only cutting edge, but she has a unique ability to connect deeply and ignite change with a wide range of audiences.”

James Maskell, CEO Revive Primary Care & Evolution of Medicine Summit Producer

There are many ‘experts’, but rare is the speaker who can educate, entertain and inspire the audience. Dana does just that. She specializes in nutrition and change psychology.

To inquire about Dana speaking at your event, corporation or seminar, please contact amanda@foodcoachnyc.com


Presentations will be customized for your audience. Dana has a breadth of knowledge that spans food, nutrition biochemistry, functional medicine, psychology, behavioral change and on being a woman! Below are some subject samples from which we can devise a topic for your group.

  • The art of transformational weight loss
  • The depleted woman – how to restore her vitality and youth
  • Rediscovering food as a medicinal healing agent
  • Eat to activate your brain power
  • Detox from sugar without having to abstain from it
  • Bloated? Constipated? Depressed? How to resolve it.
  • Ways to eradicate depression with food, meditation and supplements
  • What’s really going on with your thyroid
  • How to overcome being a bipolar detoxer
  • What’s really causing your fatigue and how to get rid of it
  • Simple mind tricks for getting back on track after blow out
  • Why do we eat what we eat?
  • How to activate the green and glam goddess within you



June 8thBeauty at Every Age – Equinox Century City, LA – 6:15pm. Open to all. RSVP includes access to the club for the day. RSVP.

July 11thWhat the F* Should I Eat? – Soho, NYC – 7pm. Members only.

August 10thBeauty, Breath and Beyond – Brunello Cucinelli, East Hampton – 11am.

Sept 21st – Women Influence Forum, Ritz, Paris

November 1stFood for the Mind, Chef and Doctor Series – Bouley Botanical, NYC – 7pm


Cap Beauty, NYC – Eat Right For Your Archetype – 3 Feb 2016 – 7pm
Cap Beauty, NYC – The Microbiome – 27th May 2016 – 7pm

Functional Forum, NY – How To Eat For Your Microbiome
Surf Lodge, Montauk, NY – Women, Food and Relationships
RadioMD – How to Eat to Enhance your Natural SPF
Lifestyle Is The New Medicine Summit with Dr. Tina Christie – Embracing Your Muse
Tower’s Watson – Winter Rejuvenation, Food and Rituals

The Evolution of Medicine Summit with James Maskell
The MindBodySchool Summit with Christine Young
Women Food and Desire with Alex Jamieson
Food for Thought with Jovanka Ciares
The Feminine Super Power of Receiving with Christine Ayrlo
Green and Glam with Rebecca Leuffer
Clarins – Be Yourself Only More Beautiful
Tower’s Watson – Eat Your Way to a Sharper Brain
Tower’s Watson – How to Detox From Sugar
Tower’s Watson – How to Improve Digestive Health
Tower’s Watson – How to get Superfoods Into Your Busy Day
Nature’s Bounty – Food and Supplements For Beauty
Xymogen – The Art of Transformational Weight Loss
The Natural Food Expo West – Rediscovering Ancient Seed Oils For Therapeutic Treatment
Scripps Network – Eating for Vitality and Brain Power

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