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Six-Week Intensive Program: For Women

“It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self-discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” – Marianne Williamson

The archetype intensive program is designed to bring out a beautiful, magnetic woman who lives a richly fulfilled life with ease and grace. This program goes deep. It cracks you open and siphons off the thoughts that keep you tangled and muted. Expect tears…but that’s getting to your truth and that ignites transformation.

If you’re ready for a truly liberated life and would like to move through this with me, I invite you to explore this offering.

Illumination and Grace (6 weeks):

In this program, we take a deeper dive into the female archetypes to discover how they define us but also derail us. At the root of it, is our fear of not being good enough, so we over-compensate. If we don’t see the warning signs – weight gain, bloating, anxiety, fatigue, and mood issues – our physical body gets worse. It carries the burden of an insistent voice that urges you to do more and more. But you can change this. You can reclaim your physical body and mind. And that’s what this program is designed to do.

This is a very interactive program. You will be required to delve into your subconscious mind and you will be partnered with another woman for reflection and support. Every week you will have a small assignment to do. Don’t worry, it won’t take long but it will be enlightening.

The course outline is as follows:

Week One: The Female Archetypes

Discover the four female archetypes and how they can help you resolve physical imbalances such as weight gain, fatigue, thyroid issues, and digestive issues. You will learn how your beliefs and behaviors have shaped your biology and what you can do about it. You’ll start on your archetype’s diet. You will be paired with another woman who matches your archetype as an accountability partner.

Week Two: Food and The Female Architecture

Understand how to eat right for your archetype while adjusting for specific imbalances such as SIBO, Candida, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune diseases, intense exercise, or for a vegan diet. We will cut through the food myths and fears that stop you from progressing.

Week ThreeOvercoming Obstacles

Identify the self-sabotaging voices that take you out of a state of grace and into one of guilt, shame, apathy, and frustration. Understand why you feel the need to reward eat, people-please, discard your intuition and go against your better knowing. The focus will be on food and relationships.

Week Four: Activating the gene code through your beliefs

Your beliefs change your physical body, including your DNA. Fear is passed down generationally but it can be stopped with you. You will learn Dana’s signature nine mins of nourishment to help create the platform for physical, emotional and an energetic change. You will create your penthouse vision and discover how to press the elevator button to rise up from the basement to the penthouse.

Week Five: Reprogramming your Childhood Wounds

Dana will solicit five childhood experiences and reinterpret the judgment and shame attached to them. You will learn how your memories are filtered through the lens of emotions and societal judgment and how to alter this. You will learn to humanize the participants that have caused you emotional pain and how to forgive them.

Week Six: Reclaiming your Invincibility

You will apply the last five week’s learnings to rediscover your sovereignty and ability to heal. Dana shows you how to move from black and white thinking into the grey. Black and white thinking is a distorted thought pattern that keeps your separate and fearful. You’ll cultivate your liberated self who feel complete and at peace. You’ll discover your invincibility.
Start Date: Passed – Recording available for 50% off
Price $495 for six weeks. Bring a friend and both of you save $100.

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The Experience – Next Program TBD

Ten-day urban renewal program which I run twice per year.

What if you could be your muse?

What if you could become a woman who is innately graceful and centered?

What if you could understand the psychology behind why you do what you do?

What if you could clean up where you are out-of-alignment with your integrity?

September’s Experience is designed to help you do just that. This is a ten-day wellness program designed to immerse yourself into the beauty of nourishing foods, the sanctuary of morning and evening rituals, and the joy that emanates from being the woman that you want to be.

The program is part food, part psychology, and part exploration.

The Experience is less philosophy more doing. It’s ideal for someone who wants to feel it, breathe it, and live it. It’s for the woman who says “I know what to do, but I just don’t do it.”



  • We’ll start with a nine-minute nourishment primer while French incense burns
  • We’ll discuss the upcoming meals for the ten days
  • We’ll tap into conscious dreaming – developing your muse and designing your extraordinary life
  • We’ll establish morning and evening rituals to keep you centered and grounded
  • We’ll wrap up with a commitment to ourselves and each other to stay nourished over this ten-day period

During the Week

  • You’ll receive daily incantations to support your journey. These help to re-pattern subconscious thoughts.
  • Instagram food photos to be inspired by and to inspire


  • 1 hour Q&A call to troubleshoot and remind you that you’re supported on this journey


  • 10 travel-sized 100% raw vegan protein power formulated by Dana James
  • Incense from France for your brain priming


Date, Time & Location: TBD

Follow-up Call: TBD

Location: TBD


TBD for a 10-day experience

Meal options: vegan or omnivore

What it doesn’t include: The meals – you’ll create them yourself! This is part of the Experience!