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Eat Right for Your Archetype

Which Woman Are You?

Carl Jung looked at archetypes as the blueprint of physiological energies that connected the conscious mind to the unconscious mind. He used it as a navigational tool to transcend individual personalities and connect the collective mind.

We can use archetypes as a navigational tool into our female psyche to uncover psychological forces at play. Much like a horoscope, they provide a sense of identity and a set of thoughts and behaviors that help us better understand our inner mind. But we can build on Jung’s work by extending psychology to physiology.

What we think dictates our behaviors and our physical body.

A woman that binge eats not only carries more body fat but is more likely to experience adrenal and thyroid disorders. A woman that eats to compensate for an unfulfilled life is more anxious and mentally exhausted. A woman that carries sexual guilt is more likely to secret eat and suffer from chronic constipation. A woman that is highly connected to the super consciousness is often uninterested in food and has a willowy body.

Through the prism of these archetypes, a woman can quickly identify her core psychological issue and how her behaviors and thought patterns have molded her body shape and increased risk factors for certain physical alignments.

The archetypes show not only what the psychological dysfunction is but how to re-interpret it and alter the adaptive behaviors that lead to a less than ideal physique and prevent you from fully engaging in an extraordinary life.

The archetypes are not based on birth date, socioeconomic background, education levels or whether your parents love you or not. Instead, they are based on how you perceive your worth. You may have defined your worth based on where you learned to get validation from as a child and now subconsciously engage in behaviors that reward you for these efforts. You may have been raised in an environment were few accolades were given but one parent was an alcoholic or emotionally abusive and you took it on to shield your siblings and other parent from the deluge. You may have had a spiritual awakening and you value your worth on connecting with the higher realm.

Each archetype is a unique vortex of positive and shadow qualities. You will fall somewhere on the spectrum.

At the crown, you are the Muse. At the base you are out-of-balance. In the center you are adaptive. Your journey is to deconstruct the shadow side of your archetype and become the Muse.

While you may identify with the attributes of all four archetypes, you will have one dominant archetype, which is rooted in how you perceive your worth and this is what defines your archetypal consciousness. However, the positive attributes of all four archetypes may resonate with you because it is the personification of these energies makes you a complete woman.

For now, answer the following elementary questions to guide you towards your archetype.

Are you Wonder Woman needing recognition for your work and achievements?
Are you the Femme Fatale who bases her value on her appearance?
Are you the Nurturer whose value is based on caring and giving?
Are you the Ethereal who values her worth on her connection to the spiritual world?

Are you Wonder Woman judging other women for how they present themselves professionally including how they speak, what they say, and their education
Are you the Femme Fatale judging other women on their attractiveness, what they wear and how they interact with men?
Are you the Nurturer who judges other women for their lack of compassion, kindness, and consideration
Are you the Ethereal who engages in spiritual snobbery judging other women for their lack of consciousness

Secret Eating Behavior
Are you Wonder Woman who is very disciplined with her food during the day, then blows it during the evening
Are you the Femme Fatale who thinks about what you’re going to eat, what you’re not going to eat, and your body, 80% of the day
Are you the Nurturer who eats in secret often stashing food in the house for when you’re alone
Are you the Ethereal who prefers not to eat, wishing there was a pill which could give you all of your nutrients

Social Coping Mechanism
Are you Wonder Woman who is charming and chameleon-like to fit every situation
Are you the Femme Fatale who flirts with others to get what she wants
Are you the Nurturer who over-gives to others to be accepted
Are you the Ethereal who distances herself emotionally and checks out

While each archetype has a distinct body type, it is not through the body type that you identify your archetype. Muses and highly adaptive women may have very similar body types despite their different archetypes because they have learnt how to rebalance their physical, emotional and energetic states. Women that are adaptive to out-of-balance will have a body shape that is more indicative of their archetype.

The Eat Right for Your Archetype is a private intensive program which explores your food, mind, emotions and subconscious programming that prevents you from being the Muse. This is a deep program and I take five women per year. Please email for details.