My Approach


You know her…

But she’s endangered. She’s a woman that oozes magnetism and playfulness and has a heightened capacity for love. She’s also courageous, grounded, and graceful. But all too often the modern woman has been hijacked by depletion, depression and an incessant need to be busy. Her mind is filled with a nagging voice; what do I eat, why can’t I just eat what I want, and why did I just eat that? Her true feminine essence has been looted.

It’s time for the modern woman to take back her nobility. It’s time for her to nourish herself with food, connection, and sensuality.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with over 5000 women and they share one common desire; to be at peace. Why do they want to be leaner? To stop that “not good enough” noise. Why do they want their digestive issues to go away? To stop that “fear of food” noise. Why do they want more energy? To stop that “I’m so depleted” noise.

Peace is the outcome of restoring our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Leaving one out of the picture can look like this, “Whoa, I’m at my ideal weight, but now I’m too scared to eat carbs, drink alcohol and relax around food.” This is not peace. This is bondage by fear.

My goal is to embolden you. For 20 years, I’ve read, researched, experimented and observed the behavior of women. I’ve run hundreds of functional medicine tests looking at food sensitivities, hormone levels, pesticide levels, cortisol levels, and neurotransmitter levels. This has enabled me to create four archetypes of women – Wonder Woman, Femme Fatale, Nurturer and Ethereal – and each one has their own Muse. Through this prism, your unique rebalancing strategy is created on four tiers so you can become the Muse. The four tiers are:

  1. Food
  2. Biochemical customization
  3. Emotional and psychological exploration
  4. Energetic rebalancing


Food is the foundation of the program. It’s the fabric to your dress. Without getting this right, you can add all the sequins you want (a.k.a superfoods and super supplements), but they’ll have nothing to stick to…okay, maybe a nipple or two, but that’s not enough for sustainable living. As food speaks directly to your cells, you’ll want to eat food that turns on the pathways that help you look beautiful and youthful.

Biochemical Customization

No matter how organic and high-vibe your diet is, the accumulated stressors of life, your unexpressed emotions, and your genes, can wreak havoc with your biochemistry.  For instance, the Nurturer often stores excess weight on her hips and thighs, which implies estrogen dominance. While cruciferous vegetables can help to detoxify the excess estrogen, supplements like DIM and calcium-d-glucarate directly target the physical perturbation and help the body correct itself faster.

I may use functional medicine testing to help identify the specific physical cause of the symptom. For more information on functional medicine, click here.

Emotional and psychological exploration

Sometimes it’s just a habit. Other times, it’s a subconscious wound seeking to be healed. Both require different tactics. One is behavioral change while the other is exploration and emotional releasing. For instance, if your weight arrived by the weight of an emotion, it needs to also be unravelled that way. I’ve witnessed too many clients lose 5 pounds in a few days once they release a painful memory they’d been hoarding for years. Stubborn body fat represents a storage pool for your unexpressed emotions and subconscious fears. This is your journey inwards where you’ll confront your inner obstacles. This is where true transformation take place. We’re happy to hold your hand and be your guide. It’s incredibly rewarding to see your “ah-ha” moment.

Energetic rebalancing

The final tier, is the energetic layer. It moves through all of the tiers and refers to the vibration of the food you eat and the vibes you give off. The more high vibrational life you live, the more this makes sense to you. The less, the more “woo-woo” it sounds. But that means there’s more work on the lower tiers. Keep moving through those, then you’ll start to feel the vibes!

The energetic layer is tuning into your intuition. It’s living a life that represents your highest and most royal self. It’s loving without fear and receiving love openly. It’s expanding yourself to your fullest creative potential. It’s remembering your inherent beauty. It’s being your Muse.