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Fennel Citrus Salad


1 fennel bulb, shredded

1 tsp orange zest

2 tbsp orange juice

1 apple, diced

2 c lacinato kale, deveined and chopped

½ c kalmata olives, pitted

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea salt

Cracked pepper


Combine fennel, orange and orange zest and set aside for 5 minutes. Massage kale with a drizzle of EVOO and combine with apple and olives. Toss fennel and orange combination with greens. Add sea salt and pepper, to taste. Delicious combined with rotisserie chicken.

Enjoy my fennel-citrus salad. Fennel is incredible for digestive imbalances and helps to improve bad breath. If you are hooked on fall recipes and enjoy apples as much as I do, please check out my favorite apple recipes.

Bon appetit!

Written by Miriam Jacobson, Food Coach Nutrition Associate

Photo Credit: Miriam Jacobson

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