food for the mind


From Fatigued to Fabulous!

An amazing line-up of 15 woman talking about how you go from fatigued to fabulous. We’ll discuss everything from raw food to food sensitivities; mediation to bringing peace into your life; yoga to movement; clearing clutter to moving through chaos; from relationships to love. It covers everything that you’ll need for a fulfilling life.

Each interview is 30 minutes long with simple tips for you to implement daily.

You can listen to the calls for free but if you can’t make the live calls you can download them for $47 – $67 (depending on when you buy them). The $47 is the pre-conference price.

The conference starts at 11am on Monday 6th May. But if you can’t make these calls (I can’t make them all), you can access them at a later stage if you’re prepared to part with some cash. It works out to be $3.00 per interview.

Hope you can join us!

What more info and the line-up? Click here.


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