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The Illuminated Woman – Starts Tuesday 13th February 2018

6-Week Signature Program by Dana James and Christine Young

Why is it that we shame women for wanting to look beautiful? 

Why is it that we encourage them to excel at work but don’t support their weight loss efforts?

Why is it that the media (and others) have confused wanting to look better with a woman not accepting herself?

While the extremes will always exist, 97% of the women that I work with have beauty goals I concur with. They would look more physically beautiful if they shed a few pounds (or 20). What’s more, body fat is a communication tool that hints at other imbalances. Behind the weight are other issues – stress, digestion, brain fog, compulsions, loneliness and much more. In this 6-week program, Christine Young (esteemed life coach) and I dive into all of this.

Our goal is to re-empower you with knowledge, tools, pretty food and connection…and show you how to interpret your body’s signals, cravings and erratic thoughts. With ten years in clinical practice, I’ve seen how powerful food, movement and dismantling beliefs is in reshaping the female body and bringing peace to the mind.

We’d love you to join us for these six enlightening weeks, as we want every woman to not only look beautiful but also have a greater clarity and magnetism!


Week 1: The Female Architecture – How our hormones influence the distribution of body fat and how you can change them through food. Lead by Dana James

Week 2: Your Vision of Beauty –  Uncovering your personal goals and dreams for beauty on the inside and the outside. We will also explore how to build and maintain higher levels of self-confidence. Lead by Christine Young

Week 3: The Invisible Forces – How your environment, your microbiome and subconscious belief patterns keep the weight there…and what to do about it. Lead by Dana James

Week 4: The Merging of the Mind and Body –  How meditation and breath affect your physiology and psychology and help bring your mind into alignment with your rational thinking. Lead by Dana and Christine

Week 5: Overcoming Obstacles – Learn how to move through fear buy looking at the patterns of perfectionism, overwhelm, confusion and procrastination and how they relate to your deeper fears. Lead by Christine

Week 6: Invincibility in Our Absence – Using your feminine strength to stay grounded and supported. Lead by Dana and Christine


  • Seven-day meal plans for 4 weeks – these are plant-rich plans which you can adjust for a vegan diet
  • 75 min calls for 6 weeks of curated content
  • 45-min one-to-one coaching call with Christine Young to tackle your specific concerns
  • Commitment to ourselves and each other to stay nourished over this 6-week program

During the Week

  • Instagram food photos to be inspired by (and to inspire)
  • Emails to troubleshoot and remind you that you’re supported on this journey


  • 1 pound raw organic Beauti-fuel protein powder developed by Dana James
  • Seven-day brain and body bootcamp with streaming video and mind exercises by Christine Young
  • Unlimited body composition readings in NYC and LA

Date, Time & Location: 7:45pm EST Tuesday 13th Feb
Location:Virtual Call – All calls are recorded in case you miss one

$699 for 6-week program. Discount of $75 for payment before 6th February.
To register: click here



The Experience – Next Program TBD

Ten-day urban renewal program which I run twice per year. 

What if you could be your muse?

What if you could become a woman who is innately graceful and centered?

What if you could understand the psychology behind why you do what you do?

What if you could clean up where you are out-of alignment with your integrity?

September’s Experience is designed to help you do just that. This is a ten day wellness program designed to immerse yourself into the beauty of nourishing foods, the sanctuary of morning and evening rituals, and the joy that emanates from being the woman that you want to be.

The program is part food, part psychology and part exploration.

The Experience is less philosophy more doing. It’s ideal for someone who wants to feel it, breathe it and live it. It’s for the woman who says’ “I know what to do, but I just don’t do it.”


On Saturday – September 10th

  • We’ll start with a nine minute nourishment primer while French incense burns
  • We’ll discuss the upcoming meals for the ten days
  • We’ll tap into conscious dreaming – developing your muse and designing your extraordinary life
  • We’ll establish morning and evening rituals to keep you centered and grounded
  • We’ll wrap up with a commitment to ourselves and each other to stay nourished over this ten day period

During the Week

  • You’ll receive daily incantations to support your journey. These help to re-pattern subconscious thoughts.
  • Instagram food photos to be inspired by and to inspire

On Saturday- Sept 17th

  • 1 hour Q&A call to troubleshoot and remind you that you’re supported on this journey


  • 10 travel sized 100% raw vegan protein power formulated by Dana James
  • Incense from France for your brain priming


Date, Time & Location: 2pm, Saturday 10th Sept
Follow-up Call: Noon, Saturday 17th Sept
Location: NYC – Livestream will be available based on demand outside NYC


$333 for 10-day experience
Meal options: vegan or omnivore
What it doesn’t include: The meals – you’ll create them yourself! This is part of the Experience!
To register: click here